Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the HealthEdge University Course Catalog?

  • Click the Course Catalog button on the top right of your My Course List page, the Home page. You will then see lists of course or curriculum panels. Clicking a panel will display the course or curriculum dashboard for more information.
  • You can also access a copy of the HealthEdge Course Offering sheet within the Training Resources course.

What is the difference between a course and a curriculum in HealthEdge University?

  • In our university, a course is a collection of lessons for one topic. A curriculum is a collection of courses to be taken in a certain order for a specific role.
  • Descriptions of each role-specific curriculum for HealthRules products are in the HealthEdge Course Offering sheet within the Training Resources course.
  • We can easily combine our courses or other materials into a custom curriculum to suit your role. Managers should email us to advise and set up the new curriculum.

Which courses are instructor-led and which are self-paced?

  • When you click the Course Catalog button, you'll see that each course is labeled e-learning (self-paced) or blended (instructor-led).
  • All self-paced courses can be delivered by an instructor upon request; simply email us.
  • Many instructor-led courses will eventually be available in a self-paced format. 

What courses should I take first?

How can I learn about the HealthRules Language?

Is there a general resource guide that provides steps for setting up documents (accounts, claims, practitioners, etc.?)

What certifications can I earn through HealthEdge University?

What do I do if I am being asked to pay for a course?

  • If you are being asked to pay for a course one of several things may be at play:
    • Your company branch may be listed incorrectly in your HealthEdge University profile.
    • A financial statement of work may not be in place with your company.
    • Funds may not have been allocated for your company.
  • Please email us or reach out to your corporate branch administrator for support.

How do I sign up for an in-person or virtual instructor-led training?

  • You can request the course via the course catalog; however, we may not have any sessions currently scheduled.
  • When we post a public session, we will notify you so that you can enroll in the class. You will not be allowed to enroll in a private client session without prior authorization. Please email us ( or reach out to your corporate branch administrator for support.

What if I want to skip a prerequisite for a course?

  • We allow exceptions on a case-by-case basis. Please email us with your request.

What do I do if I am unable to move forward in a course?

  • If you don’t answer activities and concept applications correctly in a lesson, after three times you will be asked to contact us before moving forward.
  • Why do we do this? We've found that a quick conversation with an instructor will clarify the question or the answer. Just email us, and we'll not only unlock the activity, but we’ll get you in touch with an instructor to assist. 

How do I access the HealthEdge Live Training Environment?

  • When you enroll in a course that requires hands-on practice, we'll assign your credentials to access our secure training StoreFront. You'll also receive instructions for setting up an application user account and, if you are learning HealthRules Payor, a server assignment specific to your organization will be designated.
  • Downloading Citrix Workspace for Windows to your workstation is required to access the Live Training Environment.
  • Email us or reach out to your corporate branch administrator if you don’t already have your credentials, instructions, and assigned server information.
  • Step-by-step instructions are within Accessing the HealthEdge University Storefront and Preparing Workstations and Laptops for Training guide in the Training Resources course.

I forget my Citrix StoreFront username and or password. What do I do?

I forget my username and or password to a HealthRules application. What do I do?

Sometimes the application login window requires me to select a server. Which server should I select?

  • Each company is assigned a unique practice server within the HealthRules live training environment. If you don't know which server your company has been assigned, email us, or reach out to your corporate branch administrator for support.

Why do I need to create separate credentials in order to use HealthRules Answers and Answers AdHoc?

  • In our training environment setup, learners practicing in HealthRules Answers will need to create a user account using the Train 1 server within the HealthRules Admin application; You must create a Train 1 user account even if you've already created one in your assigned HealthRules Payor server.
  • Learners practicing in HealthRules Answers AdHoc will need to create a set of credentials within the application itself.
  • For instructions, see pages 5-8 of the Accessing the HealthEdge University Storefront and Preparing Workstations and Laptops for Training guide located in the Training Resources course.