Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the HealthEdge University Course Catalog?

  • Click the Course Catalog button on the top right of your My Course List page, the Home page. You will then see lists of course or curriculum panels. Clicking a panel will display the course or curriculum dashboard for more information.

What is the difference between a course and a curriculum in HealthEdge University?

  • In our university, a course is a collection of lessons for one topic. A curriculum is a collection of courses to be taken in a certain order for a specific role.
  • If you want more information about our available programs and curriculum, please send us a Help Ticket.

Which courses are instructor-led and which are self-paced?

  • When you click the Course Catalog button, you'll see that each course is labeled e-learning (self-paced) or blended (instructor-led).
  • All self-paced courses can be delivered by an instructor upon request.
  • Many instructor-led courses will eventually be available in a self-paced format. 

What courses should I take first?

How can I learn about the HealthRules Language?

Is there a general resource guide that provides steps for setting up documents (accounts, claims, practitioners, etc.?)

What certifications can I earn through HealthEdge University?

What do I do if I am being asked to pay for a course?

  • If you are being asked to pay for a course one of several things may be at play:
    • Your company branch may be listed incorrectly in your HealthEdge University profile.
    • A financial statement of work may not be in place with your company.
    • Funds may not have been allocated for your company.
  • Please contact us for support.

How do I sign up for an in-person or virtual instructor-led training?

  • You can request the course via the course catalog; however, we may not have any sessions currently scheduled.
  • When we post a public session, we will notify you so that you can enroll in the class. You will not be allowed to enroll in a private client session without prior authorization. 
  • Please reach out to your Branch Administrator or send us a request.

What if I want to skip a prerequisite for a course?

  • We allow exceptions on a case-by-case basis. Please complete a Help Ticket with your request.

What do I do if I am unable to move forward in a course?

  • If you don’t answer activities and concept applications correctly in a lesson, after three times you will be asked to contact us before moving forward.
  • Why do we do this? We've found that a quick conversation with an instructor will clarify the question or the answer. Please fill out a Help Ticket, and we'll not only unlock the activity, but we’ll get you in touch with an instructor to assist. 

How do I access the HealthEdge Live Training Environment?

I forget my Citrix StoreFront username and or password. What do I do?

I forget my username and or password to a HealthRules application. What do I do?

Sometimes the application login window requires me to select a server. Which server should I select?

  • Each company is assigned a unique practice server within the HealthRules live training environment. If you don't know which server your company has been assigned, please fill out a Help Ticket and we will respond as soon as possible.

Why do I need to create separate credentials in order to use HealthRules Answers and Answers AdHoc?

  • In our training environment setup, learners practicing in HealthRules Answers will need to create a user account using the Train 1 server within the HealthRules Admin application; You must create a Train 1 user account even if you've already created one in your assigned HealthRules Payor server.
  • Learners practicing in HealthRules Answers AdHoc will need to create a set of credentials within the application itself.